So you found my secret page...random tidbits about me.

How'd you get into advertising?

I failed Econ 101, needed to pivot quickly to keep my credits and had a crush on a guy signing up for an advertising class.  We never worked out (phew) but the combo of business and creativity was an unexpected perfect match for me. I managed to get my first job 3 months out of school making west coast regional Verizon Wireless newspaper ads and FSIs. "$99 for 2 flip phones. Can you hear me now?"

What are some important lesson's you've learned over the years?

- Sharing knowledge does not make you vulnerable or obsolete, but it can make you feel insecure. 

- When biz takes a down turn, get rid of the worker bees and keep the senior staff. They'll manage double the work with half the effort and quarter the risk. You won't have time to train jr. and mid-level teams during a crisis and they're more likely to find a job faster elsewhere.

- Marking up a PDF or filling out a form doesn't count as a brief or a scope. 

- Being a perfectionist is a waste of time, while being thorough saves time and money.

- Say yes and ask for help. Those that refuse tend to disappear from my sphere.

- There are a bunch of leaders out there that are very bad at their job. Don't let them know, just move along.

- Its ok to burn a bridge or two. But, if you do it out of arrogance, you'll get fucked. Let them dig their own grave.

- Clients are just as hungry for knowledge as we are in this process. No one likes to blindly trust anyone with their money. 
- Be goofy at the right moments. Our culture expects us to be robots, when we should be family.

- I've yet to see an exulted holding company.

- Stories with challenges and learnings are key to good company/team matches.

- Requests that are so generic and stupid are exhilarating, challenging, but exhausting. I like them...sometimes.

Personality Traits?

- There is no half-way or letting anything "run itself."

- I'm curious with broad knowledge

- I don't accept "this is the way it is" ever. 

- I have to balance only using my hands with only using my brain. I volunteer at a horse farm, play with my elements tool, sew, and have pets.

- I'm bad at small talk. I'm private and itchy. Lets get to the ask and figure out next steps.

- Mentoring and knowledge dumps keep me motivated. 

- I interrupt too much (harmless family habit), but when I do, its building on your idea.

- The "Status Quo" is not for me. From the same old project tasks to the color of my hair, I embrace the unknown responsibly.